Our History

Hardall International Limited have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke chute systems since 1983. Our unique heritage still shapes the way we do business today.

By consistently creating optimal disposal solutions for a variety of applications inclusive of Recycling, Refuse, Linen and Clinical waste, Hardall have rightfully earned the status of market leaders in their field.

That sense of purpose and mission to provide quality has always been and still is a huge a part of Hardall’s culture.

Hardall Refuse Chute systems manufacturers

UK Based manufacturer

Being a family run business based in the UK, Hardall strive to treat clients with great respect from the moment they make the decision to invest in a new chute system.
Holding solid relationships with key players has seen Hardall grow with the construction industry across the UK and beyond.
By manufacturing all of our products in the UK, Hardall can meet urgent customer demands without the need to ship in to the UK, which would involved additional financial and environmental costs.

Our Products

We Do It All...


Our design team has a combined experience of over 50 years at Hardall International, specialising in all things chutes.


All Hardall International products are created at our Factory based in the UK. All Hardall chutes have been manufactured to British Standards BS1703 and BS5906, 2005.

All refuse hopper doors, smoke and fireproof and stringently tested to provide compliance with BS476 and BS5588.


Hardall International supply chute systems across the globe….


Hardall’s ever growing Installation team work across UK and Ireland


Post 2nd fix, Hardall Internationals Commissioning team will carry out a final commission and any demonstrations to staff which need to take place.


Our ever growing Service team work to a contract base


For all replacement works, we offer the service of providing the full package by breaking out the existing and installing the Hardall systems