Refuse Waste Chutes Systems

Refuse waste chutes had a bad name. Historically, waste chutes were known to be dirty, smelly and vile.

Over the past 30 years here at Hardall we have developed the reputable chute system we know today. Safe, clean and easy to use.

Taking up little to no floor space on each floor the gravity fed refuse chute system is the most, simple, convenient, low cost method of waste disposal.

Installed internally or externally in buildings new or old our chute systems are specifically tailored to each project and carefully designed using the latest CAD technology to meet client’s requirements.


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Hardall International Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of refuse waste chutes both in size, colour and material choice.

Historically, the most common size for a refuse chute was either 375mm or 450mm diameter. Due to years of research and development, Hardall have found that 600mm diameter chute in practical terms is most beneficial in high rise buildings.

However, we create chutes specific to the project. We tend to offer customers a wide selection of diameters starting from 300mmand reaching sizes of 800mm.

We appreciate that constraints in the building design may limit the actual number of chutes that can be provided. BS5906, 2005 states that an occupier should not be required to carry waste a distance of more than 30m. BS1703, 2005 states that it is desirable that not more than six dwellings share one hopper.

Design Works

All chute systems designed and installed by Hardall International will have a certified Automatic Fire Door installed at the base of the chute system. This will provide 2 hour fire protection from fire in the linen or refuse room.

Another factor to consider is the space required to accommodate refuse containers. A chute serving a large number of apartments will require a large number of waste containers. For example a building of 200 apartment will generate approximately 30m3 of chute waste per week requiring space for 27No. 1100L containers. (Based on 0.15m3 of chute waste per apartment per week). Twice weekly collections can ease the situation.

Utilising a chute fed refuse compactor can overcome the problems associated with bin storage. For example a chute serving 200 apartments feeding directly into a Hardall H250 compactor will require only 7No. 1100L containers per weekly collection (Based on a 4:1 compaction ratio).