Chute Cleaning & Sanitisation

At Hardall International we offer a deep cleaning service to all refuse and recycling chute systems. Regular cleaning and sanitisation of refuse & recycling chutes is essential to ensure the system remains clean and free from potentially harmful bacteria.

Waste chute cleaning service

The build-up of grime, dirt and bacteria can result in foul odours and in some cases, pest infestation. With our chute clean, we will eradicate these foul odours – as well as any build-up of dirt, grime and debris – whilst also allowing the chute to be left clean, deodorised, disinfected and sanitised.

Having the chutes cleaned will not only leave them fresh and clean, but will also improve the living conditions of all residents and employees coming into contact with the chute system. Our engineers will use a cleaning solution to pre-clean all surfaces and break down any thick dirt or grime. The chute & bin room area is then powerfully jet-washed using our new van-mounted power jetter system.

Garbage Refuse Waste chute cleaning service

Following this, we apply a disinfectant rinse to kill all remaining germs, inclusive of coronavirus, and leave the area smelling fresh and clean. All hopper doors and handles will be scraped and freed of any dirt, before being wiped down and disinfected individually. The bin store and refuse chute will be left in a clean and sanitary state and any excess water and dirt will be collected and removed from site.



Garbage Refuse Waste chute cleaning service

Further to this we also now offer a bin cleaning service. With the aforementioned system we can now pressure wash all General Waste, recycling and food waste bins on site, on a regular basis. This has become a popular request of late, and also helps to eradicate, grime, bacteria, dirt and all foul odours left lingering in the bins even after they have been emptied.