Your Hopper Door

The Hardall Hopper is the original, dependable, hardwearing option for any chute system. This UK, in house designed component of the chute is what users interact with most, therefore the face of our company. With this being said, our reputable Hopper Doors are installed across the globe and continue to serve end users from all walks of life.

These Hardall products are

Smoke Resistant with testing in accordance with BS476 section 31.1 and BS5588

Fire resistant, tested to BS476 Part 22, section 6

Vandal poof tested to BS1703 Section

Self closing in accordance with BS1703

Full customisation

Everyone has different taste and thats why we like to offer the customer the chance to fully customise their hopper doors

There are 4 standard options to begin with which are our signatory colourways. You then have the option to upgrade to a stainless facelift with grey hammer frame or go full stainless with countdown timer.



Bi Separator STD / Facelift Option/ Countdown

Tri Separator STD/ Facelift option/ Countdown

The client is then given the option to choose any particular colour from RAL colour chart.

Replacement Hoppers

Hardall smoke proof constructed (SPC) hoppers and doors have been stringently tested for fire and smoke resistance by one of Europe⦣128;™s leading fire testing establishments, in accordance with British Standards.

The Hardall SPC is the best choice for new and refurbishment applications which can be designed to suit any circumstance to ensure full certification.

Smoke Resistant
An integral rubber seal provides resistance to passage of smoke. Tested to BS476 section 31.1 and BS5588

Fire Resistant
The door is made from a sandwich construction consisting of an inner & outer steel skin with a fire resistant core. Tested to BS476 Part 22, section 6

Vandal Proof
Meets the requirements of BS1703 Section

Range of Sizes
Available in standard sizes to suit different chute diameters and special sizes for replacement of existing hoppers on old chutes.

Flush fitting
Designed to be functional yet unobtrusive

Self Closing
Door quietly and safely closes after every operation in accordance with BS1703

All Hoppers are designed subject to survey and design submittals. This will vary the hoppers in size and shape from what you see above.