Chute Unblocking & CCTV Inspections

From time to time, chutes can be misused. This may result in a Refuse Chute system to become blocked. Much like our Call Out responses, with notification of a Blocked Chute, we can have a team of experienced engineers to attend site to unblock the chute within 24 hours of notification.

Our engineers will attend Chute blockages prepared with Chute unblocking rods, weighted equipment, a camera system, and many years of experience to help them overcome any blockage. At Hardall, through years of experience, we pride ourselves on knowing that any chute blockage is never to big to be removed.


Following the removal of a blockage, we can also offer a camera inspection of the chute, to visually inspect the internals of the chute for damage. This can also be used on site to offer our engineers further information on what is blocking the chute, and enable them to help alleviate the blockage.


The camera Inspection of the chute can be conducted at any time to reassure a customer the internals of the chute are all up to standards. The inspection is completed by a camera system being lowered down from the top of the chute system, offering a 360 degree view of the internals of the chute. The information shown by the camera is the relayed back to a screen, which can be recorded and sent to a customer, or shown during a live feed to the customer whilst on site.


If you would like further information on the CCTV inspections or would like to report a chute blockage please contact us.