Linen / Laundry Chute Systems

Hardall International’s Linen laundry Chute Systems are designed in to all new and existing Hotels across the globe.

The most efficient way for staff to deposit laundry, bed linen and towels

Linen Laundry Chute Hotels Hospitals Laundry Care Homes

The Linen laundry chute system is used globally in Hotels, Hospitals, Care homes and domestic. The simple, yet effective design creates simplicity and reduces the carrying of heavy linen.

By reducing the risk of carrying/handling injuries to your staff, you will be reducing the amount of time off.

Although not included in any British standard, Hardall linen laundry chutes are manufactured to the same high quality as Hardall refuse systems, normally from stainless steel and with a material thickness of 1.5mm (Other material and thicknesses available). Doors are side hinged, self-closing have a certified 2 hour fire rating and are smoke sealed.

Each linen solution is specifically designed using the latest CAD technology to meet customer requirements and to suit the building layout. Generally a typical chute will comprise of two or three sections per floor connected by angle rings or a telescopic joint. An entry section holds the linen chute door and the chute is supported at each floor level using a special clamp band support frame.

Hardall International’s Linen Laundry Chute Systems are designed for all new and existing Hotels, hospitals and care Homes across the globe.


This Chute System is compatible with:

Deceleration Track
Sorting Table
Interlock System
Fire Door