Fire Risk Surveys

At Hardall, we have come across many customers who are unaware whether their chute is in need of a service, remedial works or in need of a deep clean to ensure the chute meets safe practice working guidelines and Fire Regulations in accordance with BS476.

Due to this, we offer a Fire Risk Survey. During a Fire Risk Survey, a Hardall surveyor will attend site, give an inspection to the chute system in it’s entirety, and offer guidance on what condition the current chute system in your building is at, and what is required in order to bring this system up to British Standards.


Refuse waste chute service repairs

To complete a Fire Risk survey our engineers will inspect the chute system installed, as well as the premises the chute resides in. We will then undertake a comprehensive evaluation of all areas of the chute to assess what fire risk, if any, the chute possess’ to the sites residents, staff and all consumers of your chute system.

A fire risk survey would assess;

• The persons who could be at risk
• The age and current condition of the chute
• Does the chute meet current Fire Regulations and British Standards
• What fire suppression, if any, does the chute have installed
• What works are needed to ensure the chute meets current Fire Regulation and British Standards
• A full detailed report of our findings

If you have any queries or would like to book a chute survey to ensure your chute meets all current requirements, and to verify the health & safety of all people who come into contact with your chute system.