Repairs & Upgrades

Over time, chutes that are not maintained and serviced on a regular basis will require to be repaired, upgraded or replaced with new Hardall Manufactured parts to ensure they meet safe practice working guidelines and Fire Regulations.

Chute Call Out Repair Before
Chute Call Out Repair After

Looking at the above two illustrations, the image on the left is a common theme we at Hardall come across. This is an old, unmaintained, neglected chute system which has regressed over time, and does not meet safe practice working guidelines as it does not have an active Fire Shutter Door, and is therefore not fire safe. The image on the right shows a replaced stainless steel discharge section, complete with a new Hardall manufactured, 2 hour fire certified, fusible link activated Fire Shutter Door.

Hopper Replacement Refuse chutes
Hopper Replacement Refuse chutes

In the above before and after photos, the Refuse Hopper Door on the left hand side is not smoke sealed, old, rusty and deteriorated beyond repair. It has been replaced with the new Hardall, UK Custom manufactured SPC-RS Hopper Door which can be retrofitted to any chute system to replace existing hopper doors. Smoke resistant – BS476: Section 31.1 and fire certified to 120 minutes in accordance with BS476: Part 22: Section 6 complete with vandal proof fixings and a durable Grey Hammer powder coated finish.