the latest innovation in chute fire safety

Brand new for 2020, Hardall F3 Chute system…

4 hour Fire certified

Fire suppression

Fully automated recycling system

Specifically designed for buildings exceeding 20 stories, the F3 Chute System guarantees market leading ultimate fire protection. By introducing a new body and framework design, inclusive of our jet45 strategy, this unique system is capable of suppressing a fire within the chute and containing it for up to and including 4 hours. Complete with our upgraded stainless steel finish Halo Hoppers and the option of a Bi /Tri recycling system at discharge.

enhance your fire safety

This system is compatible with:

Bin Full Sensors

Remote Monitor

Auto Clean

Rubber Safety Curtain

General Waste Container

Recycling Waste Container

H250 Compactor

As requested by professionals in The Sunday Times