the latest innovation in chute fire safety

Brand new for 2020, Hardall F3 Chute system…

4 hour Fire certified

Fire suppression

Fully automated recycling system

Specifically designed for buildings exceeding 20 stories, the F3 Chute System guarantees market leading ultimate fire protection. By introducing a new body and framework design, inclusive of our jet45 strategy, this unique system is capable of suppressing a fire within the chute and containing it for up to and including 4 hours. Complete with our upgraded stainless steel finish Halo Hoppers and the option of a Bi /Tri recycling system at discharge.

enhance your fire safety

This system is compatible with:

Bin Full Sensors

Remote Monitor

Auto Clean

Rubber Safety Curtain

General Waste Container

Recycling Waste Container

H250 Compactor

Patent Approved Technology

Patent Approved Technology

As requested by professionals in The Sunday Times