Replacement Chutes

We are the UK’s specialist chute replacement company with over 30 years experience creating more efficient waste disposal methods for existing buildings.

Does your building play host to an old small, smelly refuse chute?

Garbage, trash, rubbish and waste refuse Chutes

Hardall International’s expert replacement team will break out the existing clay, brick or concrete chute creating a larger void throughout the building. Hardall’s design team will carefully tailor a sustainable and more suitable chute system for that building. This will involve the installation of a new stainless steel main body, complete with fire sealant and Hopper doors with a 2 hour fire rating, complying with current British Standards. At the discharge of the Hardall chute will be a 2 hour rated automatic fire door which will close in the event of a fire in the bin stores.

We also offer the ability to install our recycling systems, the Bi and Tri – Separator to these replacement chutes offering the residents a more environmentally friendly waste disposal option. Our separator units can be found in all size residential buildings across the country allowing our Sales team to provide potential customers with a demonstration of a working unit. If you’d like to book this in please call us on 01582 500860 or contact