Hardall International Limited have developed several ways of separating multiple waste streams avoiding cross contamination. Our most popular options are the Bi and Tri Separators. These user friendly systems promote greener living by encouraging the user to recycle by selecting the correct waste option they are disposing at the press of a button. This simple, yet super effective solution to enhance the users awareness to recycle will not only save the client money in maintenance but will allow developers and architects more workable floor space in the design phase.

The below systems are compatible with:

Ultrasonic Container Volume Sensor with Remote Monitor
Automated Chute Cleaning System
General Waste Container
Recyclables Waste Container
H250 Compactor


Tri-Separator Refuse Recycling waste chutes Recycling Separating Multiple Waste Chute Systems Tri-Separator

Our triple selection system otherwise known as a Tri-Separator allows the user to choose between three user friendly disposal options.

A good example of this would be Mixed Recyclables, General Waste and Food Waste. Though these options are used frequently in the UK, the client can decide how they would like to label the options.

The Tri-Separator reduces the amount of refuse going to landfill by 66% and promotes an environmentally aware community by encouraging all users to act courteously when disposing of their waste.

Recycling Separating Multiple Waste Chute Systems


Bi-Separator Tri-Separator Recycling Refuse Chutes Bi-Separator Tri-Separator Recycling Refuse Chutes

The two way solution to separate general waste from recycling.
By providing the user the facility an option to recycle at a press of a button will increase the level of recycled waste by 50%.

By selecting the respective button on the panel above each hopper door the separator located at the discharge section of the chute will adjust to deflect the deposited waste to the correct waste container.

The hopper door will not unlock until a selection has been made and the Bi-separator is in the correct position. Should the user have to wait, the chute busy LED will illuminate RED. Once the chute is ready to use the LED will illuminate Green and the Hopper will unlock.


Hardall International Ltd is committed to providing the most long term sustainable solutions for recycling and waste disposal from residential buildings and continues to research and develop our separator systems enabling us to offer more waste disposal options which we can taylor to the clients choice.