Upgrade your Chute

Hardall’s upgradable options, otherwise known in our quotes as ‘Extra Over Options’ are capable of being adapted to any of our chute systems at the design phase as we tailor every system to the clients needs. With that being said, we can offer retrofit upgrades to a number of our existing chute systems across the globe.


https://www.hardall.co.uk/solutions/upgrade-your-system/ Modern Safety Interlock for Waste Refuse Chutes

Hardall’s Electrical Interlocking System can be found in the vast majority of all chute systems we install.

This system has multiple functions which enhances the general safety when using the Hardall Chute.

The first key feature is that it only allows for one door to be open at a time when in use. This eliminates the risk of items falling from above and colliding with the below users waste, reducing damage to the discharge section and avoiding splash.

Secondly, the Main Control panel located in the bin stores allows the Building Manager to lock the chute off completely on demand. This is normally when the container change over is taking place or the chute’s Automatic Cleaning System is in progress.

Finally, if there is a fire detected in the bin stores through the buildings fire alarm system and/or our range of Automatic Fire Shutter Doors the Interlock System on each hopper will lock shut to stop anybody using the chute until it has been reset and commissioned as safe.


Upgrade refuse chute Waste Refuse Chute Remote Monitor

Our newly developed Container Volume Sensors notify the Building Manager when a specific waste container is at 3/4  capacity. This is communicated through our remote monitoring system.

3/4 capacity notification allows the Building Manager time to orchestrate the change over without having to close off the chute and disturb the residents usage.

The notification will alert the Building Manager via the Remote Monitor which will display the alert until change over has been completed.


Upgrades For Your Refuse Chute Auto Clean Design of waste chute systems

Our bespoke cleaning system has been developed over many years to its mark today. We designed the Automatic Chute Clean to be customer friendly and long lasting. The system controls the clean from top to bottom and then retracts, leaving the chute smelling clean.



H250 Compactor for Waste Refuse Chutes Upgrades For Your Refuse Chute

An automatic, hydraulically operated ram compactor using the extrusion principle to shear, crush and compact most types of domestic refuse and garbage.   Operating at pressures around 40,000 lbs., the machine compacts refuse down to at least 25% of its original volume (4:1) ; packaging it directly into specially adapted containers.

Under maximum operating conditions the Harpac H250 will disinfect, compact and package in excess of 750 KGs per hour of typical domestic or other refuse.

The compaction chamber has a capacity of 0.35m3 with a machine cycle time of around 40 seconds giving a theoretical compaction volume of 30m3/hour.  Though the machine rarely hits its full theoretical operating capacity, it does have sufficient capacity to meet wide load variances.

A photoelectric beam is broken by the refuse, which commences the machines automatic cycle. The refuse is disinfected and forced between heavy steel restrictors to produce compaction.  The compacted refuse is then extruded into a steel 1100l compaction container.

Electromagnetic Fire Door

Upgrades For Your Refuse Chute Refuse Waste Chutes Electro-magnetic fire door

Hardall International have developed an alternative fire door option which allows to be configured to the building management system and links to the fire alarms.

The electromagnetic fire door will automatically close as soon as the fire alarm is activated. This option enhances the fire safety of the chute.


Hardall Refuse Waste Chute Safety Curtains Upgrades For Your Refuse Chute

We strongly advise that all chute systems have safety curtains installed at each discharge section. These curtains will stop any rebounding waste from the original bin from leaving the vicinity.


Waste refuse containers

We offer 3 variations of container, General Waste, Recycling and Compactor Compatible.

These variations are all available for purchase as an extra over option.