Definition of Rubbish Chutes

We thought that we would look into the Definition of ’rubbish garbage chute’

Harper Collins dictionary describes it as’ A passage in high-rise apartment buildings, through which rubbish is carried by means of gravity to a large waste receptacle at the bottom end.


According to Cali Carting (A Rubbish Removal Company based in New Jersey, USA)

The garbage chute uses a long tube that is built into the interior structure of the apartment building, attached to openings on the floors of the apartment for the residents to access. … These garbage bags run down the chute, and travel until reaching the main dumping area where all the trash is gathered.

  • Rubbish chutes make it easier for residents.
  • Ability to easily organise huge amounts of rubbish.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe and clean for residents.


The engineering world defines Rubbish Chutes as;

With urban civilization & a fast-growing population, cities architects are under pressure to construct Hi-Rise residential & commercial buildings. In this changing scenario, various challenges regarding rubbish management, safety and hygiene are faced at all levels in “Built Environment”.

Architects, Fire Protection Systems Consultants, Electrical and Plumbing Consultants, HVAC Consultants, Builders, Contractors, Workers on site, and last but not least residents all need to buy into the operation, servicing and use of the Rubbish Chute system.