The Hardall 2000 Pedestrian takes the stain out of moving quantities of refuse containers from refuse loading stations to a compactor or collection area.  Ideal for shopping centres and industrial applications where a number of refuse containers require collection from various points around a site



The Hardall 2000 - Pedestrian is a 2000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. It is small, manoeuvrable, reliable and also very powerful.

This tow tug is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available with a load cage for additional transport of small parcels and boxes. The load cage has a capacity of 250kg.

Drop pin tow hitch as standard, we can supply any kind of hitch if required.

Roll cage moving brackets are available. Custom boxes, trailers, strobe lights, motion beepers etc are also available.

The Hardall 2000 - Pedestrian will cover approx. 16km with a full load.

The Hardall 2000 - Pedestrian will take approx. 4 hours to recharge with a 240v charger.

The Hardall 2000 - Pedestrian has low maintenance, silent running and is easy to use.

The tiller arm folds back over the machine to take up minimum amount of room.

This machine is perfect for small lifts and storage and also used by garden centres, agricultural applications, schools, colleges, hospitals and councils.

Techinical Data:-

  • Forward Speed – Max 5km/hr
  • Reverse Speed – Max 2km/hr
  • Frame Length – 1134mm
  • Width – 793mm



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