Static compactors are used for disposing of larger volumes of waste; they are also used when compacting units need to be intigrated into the production process.  Static compactors can have varous types of loading mechanism, including hydraulic bin tippers, wall outlet hoppers, conveyors, chute feed or manual loading hoppers.

The static compactor unit compacts the waste at ratios of up to 5:1, into a bulk compaction container.

Easy Disposal
Once the container is full, the container is lifted or pulled onto one of the many specially designed vehicles ( available in most parts of the world ). The compactor remains in position ready to accept another empty container or wait for the full container to be emptied at a landfill site and returned.

Special Features

  • Short or long design
  • Extremely flexible hopper design
  • Safe operating
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise levels
  • Dirt resistant compaction plate

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Additional information:

Planning Sheet 1

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Container vehicle handling clearances
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Container vehicle handling clearances
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