The ideal system for transporting debris from various levels of a structure to ground levels.   Chutes are blow moulded from High Density Polyethylene to give superior abrasion resistance and are fitted with steel brackets and permanently secured  chains which are proof tested to 1000Kg.



The superior grade of high density polyethylene ensure maximum resistance to abrasion and will not crack even in extreme temperatures.


Unlike some chutes which, being made from inferior material can weigh over 15Kg each, our sections weigh only 8Kg.


Sections are 1100mm high and taper from 500 to 400mm.  This ensures flexibility and easy stacking - valuable space is saved.


Either by hand or purpose designed winch systems they are ready for use in minutes.

Full range of components are available:

  • Top hoppers

  • Intermediate hoppers with integral baffle ("dust flap") allow debris to be loaded from different levels

  • Support frames for scaffold, window, parapet or flat roof


Support Frame

Hopper Section

Straight & Intermediate section

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