Complete Standard Refuse Chute Specification For A ….. Storey Building

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Part 1: General

 1.01       Included

Supply and installation of Refuse Chute System, with certain accessories and ancillary equipment as specified.


1.02     Not Included
The provision of floor drains, water taps, electrical isolator boxes, infill floor slabs and erection of enclosing walls or the connection of electric or water supply to any equipment in this section.

 1.03     Authority

The provided equipment shall meet the requirements of BS1703:2005 and BS5906:2005 Design and components currently used in Hardall Refuse Chutes shall be considered the standard for quality, performance and appearance.


1.04       Service and Parts

The manufacturer shall maintain the ability to supply spare parts and components, for a period of three years from the date of manufacture.


1.05       Manufacturer

Products for use in this section shall be provided by:-

Hardall International Limited

Hardall House

Ludun Close

Dunstable, Beds




1.06       Submittals

Following receipt of order the manufacturer shall provide fully dimensioned shop drawings for approval prior to manufacture.


Part 2: Products 

2.01       Supply

As detailed on drawing a … internal diameter Refuse Chute System as manufactured by Hardall International Limited.


2.02       Material Trunking

All vertical chute trunking, chute entry sections and vent pipes shall be manufactured from … stainless steel.  Stainless steel used in this section shall be type 430 S.D. to BS1449 or as specified.


2.03       SPC Hoppers

Shall be provided to….. Storeys of the Refuse Chute and manufactured as follows. 

The hopper door face will have maximum size of …. X ….mm and be designed to ensure that refuse inserted into the hopper cannot cause a blockage in the chute.  The hopper shall be self-closing and sealing, have a 1½ hour fire rating and a smoke seal to BS476 Part 22 Sections 6 and 31.1.


2.04       Floor Support Frames

The manufacturer shall provide …. No. 40 x 40 x 6mm R.S.A. frames with welded clamp bands, the clamp band to have a 3mm rubber insert as a sound isolator.  All fixing nuts and bolts to be provided.  The frame shall be rustproofed after manufacture.


2.05       Discharge

The manufacturer shall provide a stainless steel discharge to be connected to the underside of a fire shutter door.  (Discharge shall be 3mm for chutes up to 11 storeys, and 4mm for chutes 12 storeys and over).  A 1 or 2 hour automatic fire door complete with 70°C fusible link, capable of cutting off the chute and its shaft from the refuse room.  A 6mm thick manually operated cut-off plate shall be fitted to the discharge section. (not required with Bi or Tri-separator)


2.051    Recycling

At the base of the chute we be 1 no. Bi or Tri-Separator chute discharge.

A central outlet for general waste to feed directly into a waste container. The separation outlets will feed recyclable waste directly into recycling waste containers.

This system is controlled by a PLC with LCD Display. There will be a panel above each hopper door with push buttons and LED indicators for selection of the waste type to be deposited.   YES    NO


2.06     Chute Cleaning

The manufacturer shall provide a factory fitted electrically powered automatic chute cleaning system.  The chute cleaning system, to be fitted above the topmost entry section, shall have its own separate housing and side-hung, stainless steel faced lockable access door.  The cleaning system shall consist of a cylindrical housing with two bands of stiff nylon brushes firmly attached, a geared electric motor, cable, stabilising weight, flushing head spray and the manufacturers standard electric logic control installed to ensure efficient cleaning of the internal surfaces of the chute.  YES    NO


2.07     Disinfectant and Sanitising Unit

A factory fitted disinfectant and sanitising unit shall be provided.  The unit shall be automatic in operation and capable of injecting odour counteractant into the water supply of the automatic brush cleaning system.  YES    NO


2.08       Ventilation

The chute shall extend through the roof, terminating 1.2mm above roof level complete with a weathering terminal or as specified.


2.081   Exhaust Fan

The manufacturer shall provide a factory fitted foul air exhaust fan, the fan to be fitted internally in the refuse chute vent pipe.  An access door will be provided for servicing the fan.  The fan shall be protected above and below by lightweight mesh screens, which are to be removable for cleaning.  The fan motor shall be 1/5 HP, class F, continuously rated, capable of a 200m³/hour air displacement.  Electric supply 220/240V, 50Hz, 0.8A.  YES NO


2.09     Sound Damping

The total vertical length of all exterior surfaces of the refuse chute shall have a factory applied coating of Revac DC1010 Sound Deadening Compound.  The coating shall be applied at the rate of 1.8kgs/m³, or to give a coating of not less than the thickness of the substrate.  YES   NO


2.10     Chute Construction

The chute shall be fully factory assembled and all joints except those required to separate the sections for shipment and installation, shall be lock seamed or welded.  The hopper doors shall be bolted in place on the entry sections and checked to ensure proper alignment with the inner baffle plate.  Sections shall fit inside the section below and there shall be no bolts, rivets or other projections inside the chute, to impede the free flow of falling refuse.  A minimum of one slip or telescopic joint per storey shall be allowed to give working tolerance.  The manufacturer shall provide mastic to ensure all joints are sealed and further provide all other equipment necessary to execute the contract.


Part 3: Execution


3.01       Equipment

Shall be protected at all times from physical damage.


3.02       Construction Waste

Under no circumstances shall the chute be used for construction waste.

3.03       Inspection Prior to Installation

The manufacturer shall inspect the area of installation, verify any dimensions and advise of conditions detrimental to the proper and timely completion of the work.


3.04       Installation

The manufacturer shall where instructed, provide experienced technicians from his own staff to install the chute.  The chute shall be installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s standard instructions and shop drawings.


3.05       Testing and Commissioning

The manufacturer’s technician shall test and commission the refuse chute system after repairing or replacing any damaged parts.


3.06       Acceptance

The manufacturer’s certificate of acceptance shall be signed by the main contractor or client, on successful completion of this work.



Optional Items – please specify if required.


25/50mm’ Punf’ foam sound insulation and 2mm Barrier Matt to reduce airborne noise.

Anti-vibration mounts to reduce structural noise transfer.


Each hopper door is fitted with a slow closer mechanism, which provides silent and controlled closing.


Mounted on the chute above each bin position is a bin sensor, which will monitor the levels of waste. At the bin full level, the hopper door will automatically lock for that waste type selection and a bin full indicator will illuminate on a panel above each hopper.  Also available is a wireless (RF Link) remote monitoring system and/or connection to the Building Management System (BMS).