No matter how well any Chute or Compactor is constructed, it will not run indefinitely without attention or servicing. If machines do not receive servicing at regular times in their working life, it is almost inevitable that they will break down, probably at the most inconvenient time and thus cause delays in the working function and give rise to high costs of emergency repair. Although we endeavour to build long life into all Hardall equipment, it is important that they receive regular inspection and maintenance in order for them to do their work to your best advantage. The way to ensure this is to take up our Preventative Maintenance Contract.

Our Preventative Maintenance Contract recommends regular visits at either 3, 6, or 12 monthly intervals (ideally not more than six monthly intervals) by our trained Maintenance Engineer, when he would inspect and make minor adjustments to your particular installation. At the time of this visit, if any item were noted as needing more serious attention or repair, our engineer will report this to the appropriate person in your organisation and seek his written instructions to put the additional work in hand.

The standard charge for each visit will depend on the equipment installed and its geographical location. Where additional work is required a price would be submitted for acceptance prior to the work being carried out. Replacement parts would be charged at the current spare part cost. All charges plus VAT at current rate (where applicable).

May we put your Hardall equipment on our Preventative Maintenance Schedule, timed to coincide with the time it was installed? If so, please contact our service department.

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Hardall offer a complete chute cleaning service carried out using specialist high pressure  water jet equipment.  Please contact our service department for details.



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