Complete Standard Linen Chute Specification For A ….. Storey Building

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Part 1 : General

1.01   Supplied
Supply as detailed on drawings a … internal diameter Linen Chute as manufactured by Hardall International Ltd.

1.02   Not Included
The provision of floor drains, water taps, electrical isolator boxes, infill to floor slabs and erection of enclosing walls or the connection of electric or water supply to any equipment in this section.

1.03   Manufacturer
Products for use in this section shall be provided by :-
ardall International Limited
Hardall House
Ludun Close
unstable, Beds

1.04   Submittals
Following receipt of order the manufacturer shall provide fully dimensioned shop drawings for approval prior to manufacture.

Part 2 : Products

2.01   Supply
As detailed on drawing a … internal diameter Linen Chute System as manufactured by Hardall International Limited.

2.02   Material
All vertical chute trunking, chute entry sections and vent pipes shall be manufactured from … stainless steel.  Stainless steel used in this section shall be type 430 S.D. to BS1449 or as specified.

2.03   Doors
The manufacturer shall provide ….. No. 600mm x 600mm stainless steel, fully opening, automatically closing side-hung doors. The doors shall be self-sealing, with a lockable handle, key to pass and have a 2 hour fire rating.

2.04   Floor Support Frames
The manufacturer shall provide …. No. 40 x 40 x 6mm R.S.A. frames with welded clamp bands, the clamp band to have a 3mm rubber insert as a sound isolator.  All fixing nuts and bolts to be provided. The frame shall be rustproofed after manufacture.

2.05   Ventilation
The manufacturer shall provide, from the top entry section on the ….. storey, a top cover plate with a … spigot and sufficient vent pipe of … diameter to pass through the roof space terminating 1.2 metres above the roof with a terminal and weathering cravat, or as specified.

2.06   Discharge
The manufacturer shall provide a 1.5mm stainless steel angled discharge, with tubular   leg for additional support or a deceleration track. The discharge section shall pass through a 1 or 2 hour fire rated, fire shutter door complete with 70fusible link (as specified).

2.07   Sprinkler
As a fire precaution the manufacturer shall fit a 15mm sprinkler to the top cover plate, above the entry section on the top floor and/or at every other floor (optional).

2.08    Interlocks
The manufacturer shall provide with each side-hung door, an Electro-magnetic solenoid bolt. The electric interlock system should be mounted in the panel above the entry section. Operation shall be push button, with two indicator lamps, green indicating ready for operation and red indicating system in use.

The master control box for the interlock system shall be mounted in the Laundry Room, close to the Linen Chute discharge point. The interlock system shall operate off a 240 electric supply reduced to 24v for safety and shall have a manufacturer’s factory fitted pre-set timer. The timer shall be pre-set to allow single use of the chute at any give time (optional).

2.09   Construction
The linen chute shall be fully factory fabricated and all joints except those required to separate the sections for shipment and installation, shall be welded or lockseamed tight. The side-hung doors and electric interlocks shall be factory fitted and tested. All chute sections shall fit inside the section below and there shall be factory fitted and tested. All chute sections shall fit inside the section below and there shall be not bolts, rivets or other projections inside the chute to impeded the fall of the linen. A minimum of one slip or telescopic joint per storey shall be allowed, for on-site adjustment during installation. The manufacturer shall provide sealant and all other necessary equipment to successfully execute his contract.  

Part 3.0 Execution

3.01   Equipment
Shall be protected at all times from physical damage.

3.02   Construction Waste
Under no circumstances shall the chute be used for construction waste.

3.03   Inspection Prior to Installation
The manufacturer shall inspect the area of installation, verify any dimensions and advise of conditions detrimental to the proper and timely completion of the work.

3.04   Installation
The manufacturer shall where instructed, provide experienced technicians from his own staff to install the chute.  The chute shall be installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s standard instructions and shop drawings.

3.05   Testing and Commissioning
The manufacturer’s technician shall test and commission the refuse chute system after repairing or replacing any damaged parts.

3.06   Acceptance
The manufacturer’s certificate of acceptance shall be signed by the main contractor or client, on successful completion of this work.