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The Harpac Trident Screw Compactor
A screw type refuse compactor which compresses waste into a fraction of its free volume and retains it safely and cleanly in an enclosed steel container, which is removed and emptied when full.

The Compactor Features:

  • Economy & Secrurity
    The compactor's large screw pulverises refuse in the trough, enabling it to achieve higher compaction than most other compactor types (of the order of 6:1), and also preventing pilferage through the waste disposal system.
  • Versatility
    The Trident Screw Compactor has a large number of possible loading arrangements, including chute feed, manual load and loading from smaller containers which are tipped into the compactor by a bin lift mechanism.  The machine can also be supplied for compactinginto CHEM standard compactor bins (aperture 1613 x1194mm).  The electrical control button set may be mounted in a number of locations including indoors for chute fed machines.
  • Safety
    The unit is aquipped with safety switches, which cut off the power unless all loding doors are closed or as otherwise specified.
  • Convenience
    Operation of the machine is extremely simple.  Load the refuse, close the door and press the start button.  The built in timer switches off the motor after a preset level.

Suitable for most external applications and with the correct vehicular access for many internal applications.  Waste generated by Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Apartment blocks, Catering and Fast food outlets including retail stores can be efficiently and safely contained by this compactor.

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